Industry Lab Pricing

A full time dedicated desk space at Industry Lab starts at $310 per month, with 24/7/365 access to our building, wifi, kitchenettes, in-suite lounges, conference rooms, phone booth and event space.

What you do with your space is up to you and the people around you; everything is possible and all is socially mediated. All Want to play loud music, or occupy extra space to build something big? Just ask your neighbors! (But we're always here to help in the rare case there's an issue).

Our lack of "hot desks" keeps our space secure and your neighbors familiar, but we've got more than enough lounges for you to hop, if that's your thing.  All space is dedicated to our members.  We're building a community here, and it shows.



Coder desk

$310 per month

More petite than the full desk space, the dedicated coder desk is comfortable for a small or medium desk and chair and the items that live on top of it.

Dedicated Desk

$450 per month

A dedicated desk space is comfortable for a large desk, chair and small cabinet combination or medium size desk, chair, and shelf, etc. This is the go-to for 85% of IL members at any given time.

PRIVATE offices

prices vary

We have a limited number of private offices.  While they're in high demand, shoot us an email to find out about availability or hop on our waiting list.